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Free Xbox Games To Download This Month, Before They Are Gone

Free Xbox Games To Download This Month, Before They Are Gone

admin,@Author Twitter

Last updated on Aug, 04 2020 00:00

Xbox Live Gold provides subscribers exclusive access to games for a limited period as a part of the Games with Xbox Live Gold scheme. Apart from the offer of two or more titles Free Xbox Games to download every 15 to 30 days, there is a service of most advanced multiplayer gaming interface and member discounts on the Microsoft game store. These free Xbox games can be downloaded (when made available) and kept as long as one maintains an active subscription, unlike the free trials. You can get ahead of the game by downloading the game even quicker, using the steps stated in this site ( Downloading your game as soon as possible should be hassle-free. And now, in the middle of the month, a fresh batch of games is available for download to the privileged Xbox Gold subscribers. The free round of games in the lineup has the usual two Xbox One games and one backward compatible Xbox One download that will be loved by gamers who adore racing and sports-based games. The games available to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are discussed in the following article.

1.  WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship

The rally racing car game - WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship is thrilling to play, especially with the extreme racing conditions. Control your Xbox One to take your car to victory in this intense gaming simulation available for download from July 1 to 31, 2020. WRC released last year September is back with a more engaging and robust simulation than ever before. The latest addition to the World Rally Championship series has an online multiplayer racing sim with weekly challenges and sports tournament modes along with a career mode. The WRC 8 on career mode has an off-road racing title for robust single-player options. The content of the game is in-depth with 50 racing teams across 14 country rallies with over 100 track stages. The dynamic weather system is new in the series with the WRC 8, making the game all the more detailed and appealing. The competition in various weather simulations alters the track condition with natural elements like sun, rain, and snow. It brings a new challenge with the preparation and management stage before the racing competition begins. This Xbox One rally racing game has been awarded for the most improved quality simulation and reviewed by IGN with an 8.4 score.

2.  Dunk Lords

Another exotic game is the Dunk Lords on Xbox One to rule the courts with a combat basketball game between specialized players sporting insane abilities. It is available for download from July 16 to August 15, 2020, giving a beautiful arcade NBA nostalgia. The new Xbox title has earned a lot of positive scores from the fans for a similar theme to that of a classic arcade basketball NBA Jam, but with more fighting elements. Dunk Lords is a more jacked-up version of regular NBA jam where outlandish characters with unique abilities can play in a two-v-two basketball game. The introduction prompts the player to see whether they can fight as well as they can ball (play basketball). Anyone can choose from the range of 20 nastiest basketball fighters with distinct attacks and unusual abilities to battle out among each other in 15 extraordinary courts. It is fun for couch activity on an online platform where extraordinarily designed characters engage in a basketball combined with combat game. It has a story mode that can be played solo to take the young star, Slice, to the very top. The game can be played with two friends cooperatively in gauntlet mode or with four friends in powered-up arcade mode, making it diverse and versatile.

3.  Juju

On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility save the land from an ancient evil in the cute platformer, Juju, that is available from July 16 to 31, 2020, for download. Juju is another gaming platform with a bright and colourful interface that can be played in a multiplayer mode with friends and family. The 2D platformer Juju gives excellent backward compatibility running in Xbox One and is also available for Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Gold. The game takes into a new level of dangerous and mystical adventure journey with the shaman panda Juju and his lizard sidekick Peya. Jambee is Juju's father, who heads out to execute daily rituals, unaware of the fact that Juju and Peya are following him. The duo accidentally releases a terrible and ancient evil out of curiosity, when the elder is distracted. Jambee engages in a severe battle with the evil creature bravely and manages to pass a magical mask to Juju, his son, endangering himself and resulting in getting captured by the entity. Now the gameplay begins with responsibility on Juju and Peya to gather mystic keys and magic amber to seal away the spirit and save the world eventually. The beautifully animated and enjoyable gaming simulation brings a lighthearted adventure sequence with lots of running, chanting, and battling with humongous bosses to save the day.


Every month the Xbox Live Gold subscription allows Xbox One gamers to download and play a selection of free games. The Live Gold subscription offers the owners of Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and original Xbox One an opportunity to play other games on the online platform, apart from these free Games with Gold sims. They get complimentary membership discounts on many digital games available on the Xbox Store. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also provides benefits of Xbox Live Gold subscription and additional early access to over 100 high-quality console and PC games. New games are added all the time, so there is never a moment without something new to try out on the Xbox gaming shop.


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