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5 Crazy Hacks On Snapchat We Can't Wait To Try! Social Media Marketing Companies

5 Crazy Hacks On Snapchat We Can't Wait To Try!

admin,@Author Twitter

Last updated on Aug, 29 2020 00:00

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet today. Almost every teen uses this app on a day to day basis. Its concept of sending pictures and videos to friends and using quirky filters to make those pictures enjoyable connected with the masses. To keep its appeal growing, Snapchat introduces new features and new updates every week. Snapchat is not just an app for sending and receiving pictures and videos, and it has several other unique ways to keep people hooked on it. One such means is maintaining streaks with your friends and even with random strangers and maintaining a snap score, which is visible by all your followers. Thus, keeping the user base hooked on to the app to support the streak and snap score goals. Having so many functions makes it challenging to keep track of the new trends and hacks that can be used to optimize this app most efficiently.

This article does precisely that and serves as a user manual to specific hacks and tricks you should be using to make Snapchat more interesting.

Take Pictures Without Touching Your Phone

Often, it becomes difficult taking pictures with all your friends since someone would have to sacrifice and take the picture. We appreciate the sacrifice made by that friend, but we can avoid that as you can now take photographs, hands-free without touching your phone in Snapchat, just going to gestures in your settings and making a new gesture for that purpose. It can be anything a wave, one finger up, or whatever seems convenient to the user. Now all of your friends can be included in the group selfie you always wanted. You could also choose to activate the gesture mode in your phone settings, which would automatically switch on the same in other apps, including Snapchat.

Become An Artist On Snapchat

Do you wonder how your friends can draw so cleanly on Snapchat? No talent is required for doing that. The simple hack to that is to go to the accessibility setting in your phone settings and increase the zoom accessibility setting to max. It will allow you to draw over pictures better and be more creative with them.

Did That Person Add You On Snapchat?

A social media presence is of the utmost importance to teens in this day and age. If we add someone on Snapchat, we expect them to add us back. This courtesy is not exchanged several times, and people don't add others back on Snapchat. But how do you know if they added you back or not? It's simple to go to their Snapchat ID, click on their username and check if their snap score is visible to you. If it is, they have added you back, if it is not, things just got awkward between you two now, and you have the option to remove them from your friends' list.

Know Which Song Is Playing Through Snapchat

This is a hack for all the introverts out there. It happens several times when you're in the gym or a cafe, and a great new song is playing in the background, the name you are not aware of. Too shy and introverted to go and ask which song they are playing? Don't worry, and there is a much easier way. Just open Snapchat and let it record the song that's playing. It will catch the tunes and give you the name in seconds and save you from the awkward conversation you would have if this wouldn't exist.

Make Emojis Move The Way You Want Them

Is it annoying for you that you have seen your friends use emoji, which moves in the direction of their actions, and you're unable to figure out how that works? Don't worry, it's straightforward and can be done in a few steps. First, record your video or action over which you want to place the emoji. After this, expand the Emojiemoji according to your specification and put it on the part of your body that is moving or any action in the video. The Emojiemoji will catch the work on its own and walk in the manner or way of the activity. This gives a fresh look to your video and lets you play along with many fun emojis while making videos.


Now you guys are ready to use these hacks and tricks by sending several pictures and videos to your friends on Snapchat and to increase your snap streaks with new and exciting content. You can unlock even more hacks by switching to the premium Snapchat account. Thus, these Snapchat hacks or tricks and several such updates and features by Snapchat play a massive part in enhancing the users' experience by making it more interactive, personalized, and more enjoyable for them to use and keep them hooked to Snapchat.


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